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All Goalie Notes Videos filmed and edited by Amy Blackburn

In this section we are going to cover long distance tracking.  This will cover passes where you will be using T-pushes to cover more ground in the crease.  While the puck is in open space, there is no threat of an immediate shot so opening up to a T-Push can work.

Whenever you move anywhere as a goalie (whether it's a shuffle, t-push, butterfly slide, etc.) there are three things you must do:  Find where you are going, square up, and drive straight there.

1) Find Where You Are Going - locating the destination of the puck is key so you know exactly where to go.

2) Square Up - Squaring up will allow you to push directly to the puck, creating the most efficient and direct line to where you need to go.  It will also make sure that, when you get to your destination, you are taking up the most amount of net possible and have the ability to move laterally into the shot.

3) Drive Straight There - Pretty simple: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line so drive straight to your destination.

Doing all three steps in order will allow you to get from point A to Point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible while staying square and balanced the entire time.  Below, we will go over what happens if you skip each step in the process.


If you start moving before finding where you are going, you are basically just guessing as to where you need to go.  The chances you are going to guess right are not great which means you are going to have to make an adjustment after your initial movement to get to the correct spot.  By that time, the other team is probably celebrating.


If you push laterally before squaring up, you are going to push to an incorrect location and have to make an adjustment to your initial movement to get to the correct spot.  By that time, the other team's goal song is being played over the loud speakers.

Move Before Squaring

Move Before Squaring

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Another mistake I see often times is a goalie backing up to the location and then squaring up.  While you are technically doing all three steps, doing them out of order can be just as detrimental as skipping a step.  Think about a play when you are slightly behind the puck.  The shot gets taken before all three steps are complete.

If you've found where you are going and drove straight there, the shot will get taken as you are rotating your hips and squaring up.  This prevents you from reacting and moving into the shot and completely throws off your balance.

If you've found where you are going and squared up but are not quite at the spot you want to get to, you are at least facing the shot, even on your edges, balanced, square and have the ability to move and react into the shot.  By finding where you are going and squaring up, you immediately improve your chances to make the save by a significant amount.



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