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This is a more in-depth analysis of two goals let in by Philipp Grubauer in Game 1.  The first goal came at the end of regulation and sent the game into overtime.  The second came in overtime to end the game.  The goals don't look very similar at all to the naked eye but Grubauer fell victim to a similar move in a different situation.

On the first goal, the pass came from the slot to Seth Jones.  Here, as covered in our Long Distance Tracking breakdown, the goalie must find where the puck is going, square up, and drive straight there.  Grubauer did all of those things but tracking the puck does not stop there.  Jones accepted the puck in front of his body then extended to his forehand before firing it short side.  Grubauer stopped at where Jones caught the puck and Jones' move to his forehand opened up the short side.  See below for a visual on how that move can open up the net just enough for a highly skilled shooter to put it in on the short side.