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In this space, I am going to go over some quick-hit goalie tips, looking into technique and ideas and breaking down what do do and why we do what we do.  We are going to start with the very basics and slowly move into some more advanced techniques.


Goaltending is not the most natural position in sports.  You have to wear large, heavy, bulky pads and actively try to move in front of a hard rubber thing that is being shot at you at high speeds in unpredictable ways.  Your natural reactions are to reach and try to grab the puck, to T-Push all the time, to start moving before you square up (all bad habits).  The only way to make the position feel more comfortable is to practice, practice, practice until you override your bad habits and what you are practicing is what comes natural to you.  As a coach, I teach process over results for younger goalies.  Understanding, practicing, and executing proper techniques will help much greater in the long run than making an extra save or two in your Peewee A game or practice.

Moving into the Shot
Shot Adjustment
Short Distance Tracking

Tracking the puck short distances - Player carrying puck with a threat to shoot at any time

Long Distance Tracking

Tracking the puck longer distances - Passes where there is not an immediate threat of a shot

Aerial Angles

Cutting down the angles the puck has vertically with proper glove placement

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