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We are all wrapped up with the first round.  Let's pour one out for Jonathan Quick and Cory Schneider who's heroic efforts were ultimately fruitless.  Let's wrap up the final three games of the first round.


The Leafs were able to get one by Rask 7 minutes and 43 seconds into the 1st period of Game 4 but Rask stopped the next 28 shots in a row to get the win.  Rask is moving very well and staying patient and on his feet more than usual which has led to his success in this series and through the season.  On the other side, it took Boston 43 seconds and one shot to put one by Anderson who had a rough go of it in Game 4.  The first goal caught him shortside through traffic but he over-committed on the second, leaving himself no chance to get over to the pass across.  The Bruins have been the better team in the series but even when the Leafs have had momentum and opportunities, Rask has come up with the stops to keep his team ahead.  Something that Anderson just hasn't been able to do.


The Bruins started off Game 5 swarming but it was the Leafs who cashed in twice in the first period.  Meanwhile, Freddy was doing this.  They went halvsies on four goals in the second which included some weird bouncesdefensive lapses, and even two RVH fails.  All the while, Freddy was still doing things like this.  And this.  But also this.  Oh, Freddy, you're over-reliance on the RVH is alarming.  The 4th goal chased Rask and NikolaiKhabibulinimeanAnton Khubodin came in to hold down the fort and stop the final 8 shots.  


Holtby was a living breathing wall while stopping 23 of 24 in Game 4.  He was moving well, controlling rebounds, and dictating the game in front of him in a way that few goaltenders can.  Even when he gave up a rebound, he was calm on his recoveries and left nothing to chance.


I love the way Bobrovsky battles for every puck, but watch the difference between the way he reacts to a rebound compared to Holtby.  On the second goal, Bobrovsky made two incredible saves, but if he had just controlled his rebound on the first shot from the point, he wouldn't have needed to make those saves at all.  On the other hand, I think the Capitals should find a new strategy on breakaways.  Maybe the should just stop and wait for the rest of the players to catch up because I'm pretty sure Bobrovsky has stopped every breakaway the Caps have thrown at him and made it look easy while doing so.


Game 5 gave us the third overtime game in the series and the first that the Capitals were able to take.  Holtby started out rough after he let one slip through on a short-handed chance (keep your eyes on the puck kids!) but tightened up and stopped 34 of the next 36 shots against, including some incredible stops in regulation and overtime.


Bobrovsky put together a vintage Bobs performance, coming up with some great saves (smell the glove!) and also letting in a few he'd want back.  Overall he stopped 25 of 29 and is getting severely out-dueled by Braden Holtby

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